"Welcome home, Wolf. <3"


During his time in No Warning our bass player Zach Amster suffered from a life-threatening skin disorder called Stevens-Johnson syndrome which left him close to death. He fully recovered physically, but the experience left him with a case of post-traumatic stress disorder which in time lead to more serious mental health issues and addiction. Along this path, after the band disbanded, he made some bad decisions for which he is now awaiting sentencing in a California state prison. We love Zach and know him to be an amazing person, and we are truly blessed to have him alongside us as a friend, brother and extremely gifted musical partner. We reformed this year to record two songs as a financial benefit for Zach, his wife, and daughter.

Our love and support goes out to Zach, his family & friends.

Please share this, share the music, share the images, and do what you can to help.

With sincerest gratitude & respect.

No Warning

A: Resurrection of the Wolf
B: Bloodsucker

Past pleasures of a simple life
Build a home, try to hide
Taste the world, tongue is tied
Drugged up, glassy eyed
Memories of a young gun
Alone in a field with the burning sun
Puppets on a string of two minds
Animalistic one of a kind

They can’t kill you

They can’t kill you
They can keep you in a cage
Now you know the tortuous ways

Rage, it will never cool
Head ain’t ever gonna get right
You will never not feel what you feel
There’s something dead in your eyes

Face painted ghost white
Rise like the wolf
Take life

7" Out Dec. 12 on Bad Actors

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